Zao snowboarding day 2

The first few hours of this morning were terrible. My feet hurt a lot and the slightly over-sized boots caused excrutiating pain. David and Fujie had to leave before lunch to visit her parents. For lunch, all I could find was plain rice and potato fries. Judd on the other hand, decided to stick to his strict vegetarian diet of meat curry and rice.

From the chair liftIn the train: JuddLawrence. Showing us how he spent the whole of FridayRainer. Annoying as ever

I’ve noticed that things get much better in the afternoon of the 2nd day and so they did. We went to the very top once again where there was an even stronger wind. It was strong enough that the ice stung our faces and managed to slow us down to a halt. After that, it was smooth boarding most of the time. Lawrence decided to go the wrong way and we didnt see him until we got back to the inn.

The trip back was uneventful and I reached home about 10pm with nothing broken.