Snowboarding trip to Sahoro, Hokkaido

Awesome fall Me on the sled Getting off the sled Dan getting off Tim starting the run Tim again
Friday 10th January 2003

Met Dan at Shinagawa station and took the Keikyu line to Haneda airport. It was on the way that I realized how heavy the board and the other bag were together. Everyone else got through the security check without problem, but I had to be searched because of the metal in my shoes and belt. It still wasn’t too bad.

After arriving at the Tokachi airport, we took roughly an hour long bus to the resort and were on the slopes by about 1 p.m. After lunch we went right to the top and were deceived by a downhill slope that looked like it was rising.

Tim and Dan at the resort Dan Near the counter Dan on the ski lift - alone Lunch time More lunch Lawrence Rainer

It was after that that I had my first, and thankfully last, serious fall of the trip. I was going too fast and was stopped dead by a block of ice on the side of the run. My left knee took the brunt of the force and left me in agonizing pain for the next few minutes. The good thing was that it didn’t bother me much after that though my body went into defense mode and prevented me from going fast for a while.

Lawrence and Steven Night boarding Hovering ball of light Self portrait Dan on his last run of the day Larry again The frozen tube

For dinner we went to an Italian place inside the resort. It was after rejecting about 3 seafood dishes that they finally understood that I couldn’t eat any meat other than fish and shrimp. Really frustrating.

T3, the cyborg
Saturday 11th January 2003
Elusive downhill slope Under the only gondola Another great shot

It was colder than the day before, but quite sunny and the fresh snow from last night made the slopes quite comfortable. The water tube was freezing even faster so I put the whole thing in my suit’s pocket and it never froze again.

Breath-taking view Thrones next to the fireplace

The day went very well and I spent some time in the powder, off the main slopes. Feels incredible. Just have to learn to avoid the trees and not fall down. My triceps felt quite painful after pushing myself up so often. Lawrence hurt his head quite a few times, but I think he is getting used to it.

Dan Larry Tim Steven Rainer Empty corridor
Sunday 12th January 2003
  Kennels and yellow snow

Tim, Dan and I had decided to do dog-sledding today before lunch and both of them returned their boards and boots to the rental place. Unfortunately, the sleds only ran in the afternoon and cost more than we had imagined.

After the final run Me and my national board

We decided to do the 5-minute run after lunch so I took the gondola to the top to find the others. I found them near the trees going into the powder, but at the same time we lost Lawrence.

Japanese phone demo

It was the coldest of the three days that we were there, but I loved it. By the time we were ready to leave, it was snowing quite heavily and I really wished we could stay longer. candidate At Haneda airport Dan's better side Train discussion about Japan Perplexed