Mechanical bull riding

It was rodeo night at Zest restaurant in Ebisu so I met Tim and some other friends to ride the mechanical bull. About 10 people volunteered for the first run, but I don’t remember anybody staying on for long. I lasted just over 10 seconds and Tim came down in about 3. It is much more difficult and brutal than it looks. I still have bruises on my legs and the base of my thumbs is swollen.

The mechanical bull
The bull
Tim's friend Mike
Tim’s friend Mike (video)
Me and Tim riding a bull
Me and a bit of Tim (video)

Despite the pain, Tim and I decided to go for the 2nd round which is twice as wild. The Japanese guy that went before us lasted an amazing 40 seconds, but I fell off in about 3 while Tim went down within 2. Will I do it again? Yes.