Shibuya Peace Demonstration

Met Joi, Adam and about 10 other people to go to the march. As far as I can tell, a total of about 5,000 people turned up. Mostly Japanese, but a large number of foreigners from many different countries.

We started at Yamashita park and went around most of Shibuya, crossing Hachiko and returning to the park. There were also a lot of people standing on the side-walks and overhead bridges. Some of the signs people were holding and their dresses were really interesting. I got about 50 photos of the event, but it was quite dark so not all are very clear. Will post the good ones later.

Joi Ito
The front side had an interesting image
Joi and Adam comparing cameras
Iraqi children
Drumming in protest
Waving black flags
Rounding Hachiko Crossing
Peace coalition
“Tomorrow I will go to Iraq to stop the war”