IT Test at Waseda University

Just got back from Waseda University where I had to sit for an IT test. I need to pass it to be officially recognized as a sysadmin in Japan, though the test has almost nothing to do with system administration.

It was a multiple choice test, but here, choice means between 3 to 10 answers. Apart from assembly, C, Java and Cobol, it tests you on databases, algorithms and lots of math. But it wasn’t just those that almost made me stick the pencil in my eye. The whole test was in advanced Japanese. I have no chance. Should have taken Yoshiba-san’s advice about bringing a dice.


Anyway, Waseda is quite interesting. Most of the buildings are old and ugly, but there were a few newer, uglier ones. I can understand Japan’s obsession with smoking, but it was still a shock to see smoking areas outside every block. They did have some greenery, which partly made up for those shortcomings.

One thought on “IT Test at Waseda University

  1. Wait a second…I recognize that statue @-@; Yea it’s really strange, Waseda is really quite ugly, except it does have one secret-hidden park by the main caffeteria that’s pretty nice. I’ve visited gone to a couple of meetings at Tokyou University, and it’s a lot nicer campus if you ask me. Though still not quite, um, beautiful like some of the campuses back in the states…but what do you want, it’s smack dab in the middle of Tokyo.

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