Uday Saddam’s Palace

Details of the private palace and extravagant lifestlye of Saddam’s elder son:

His personal zoo has lions, cheetahs and a bear. His storehouse has $1 million in fine wines, liquor and heroin. His house has Cuban cigars, cases of champagne and downloaded pictures of prostitutes.


I haven’t heard of anyone else that has all this and their own private city. At least not in the recent past. Tommy Suharto and the Sultan of Brunei’s brother came close, but not quite. This is outrageous. The rest of the population sufferred in unimaginable ways and here they were doing everything against Islam while claiming to be Muslims.

I find it very unlikely that they died during the bombing. With all that money, Saddam could have bought a few private islands anywhere in the world, but they’ll have to pay for all this. If not in this world, then the next.