Visit to Lahore

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for Lahore, the historic city about 300km south of here (no not on that small bike) where my brother is studying. I hope he isn’t reading since its meant to be a surprise. I heard the city generally has better connectivity than the capital. We’ll see.

Lahore is bound to be a few degrees hotter and quite a bit more humid due to the huge river next to it (a tributary of Indus). I still miss snow.

2 thoughts on “Visit to Lahore

  1. Hey dude

    Just got back from the J-bloggers meet-up – we missed you!

    Hope you have a cool time with hanging with your bro…


  2. Thanks MJ, but my auntie ruined the surprise. 🙁

    Anyway, good to know that the meet-up went well. I’m trying to find one locally, but there is no trace of other bloggers yet.

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