I finally managed to get online recently from an internet cafe after a 5-day absence. The connection was so slow that it took about 5 minutes just to login using MSN messenger (that was the only password I was willing to type on a strange machine in an internet cafe, though I strongly doubt anyone running or even using them here knows much about keystroke loggers let alone SSH and Linux).

As bad as that may sound, some bandwidth is better than none at all. Ever since our phone line went dead, I was feeling helpless. Unable to blog, check/send any mail or read any news online (though I did look at some Tokyo blogs to read about the Sendai earthquake on my friend’s PC). My house is right on the edge of Islamabad and the area looks more like a village gone haywire than a part of one of the best planned capitals of the world. Trying to look for an internet cafe here would be a waste of time.

After registering, on average, 2 complaints a day with the telephone service, the line finally came back up on Friday, but not before I got a chance to try the net cafe. Glad to be back online though I doubt I will have access to broadband anytime in the near future.

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