TFT Monitor Arrives

Drove all the way to the GPO this morning to pick up the two parcels that Stuart had sent. Wish they would just bring them to the house like all other places and just charge us the taxes/duty.

The packages, which had all my LAN stuff and the beloved 18″ TFT, were stored there for over a week because I couldn’t get up early enough to get there within the 1 hour time frame.

The most painful part was having to pay 6% “withholding tax”, whatever that means, on the monitor which had its value written as about 100,000 yen. That, plus the amount I paid for it initially, the cab charges, the shipping charges, all starts to get huge.

Well, I’m happy now. My laptop is finally connected and usable and the sudden change from a 15″ flat panel display to an 18″ one was very pleasant. Thanks Stuart.

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