I Miss O’Reilly Books

The used/reprinted books market here is huge. Lots of relatively small bookshops near one another. The books are very cheap, but its so hard to get what you need.

In the computer section, all you’ll find are “for Dummies” books or lots of C++ and Visual Basic. Maybe some Java ones, but hardly any Perl or Python. It’s so frustrating when the only Linux books available are for beginners and geared towards a specific version of a specific distribution.

The thing that most upset me was how scarce O’Reilly books are. Most booksellers haven’t even heard of it. I did manage to find “Programming Perl”, “Stopping Spam” and “Webmaster in a Nutshell”, but nothing that I absolutely need.

oreilly books

I know what most people will say, why don’t I just order from Amazon? They do deliver here, but their prices and delivery terms aren’t feasable for a country like Pakistan. I’ll wait until they start “Amazon Pakistan”.

Hope my collection gets here soon.

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