1st Ramazan

First day of the fasting month of Ramazan (or “Ramadan” if you prefer) here in Pakistan. And the first time in 5 years that I can “break” fast with other Muslims in a Muslim country (though I did fast for a day when I was here 3 years ago).

I love the general feeling you get during the month. Waking up before sunrise for a meal and prayers, spending a relatively relaxed day at work and then joining your family and friends for the evening meal.

So different from last year when I was still in Japan. i.e. oversleeping and missing the breakfast, working as usual during the day, and having conbini salad and some fruit juice in the evening. But I do miss the days at Vanguard when I would order bagels in the evening and others would join in. We even built a local Mojo store to take these orders.

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  1. Your site is very helpful.
    but not available ramazan calendar and timing in ramazan.


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