Rampage in the Capital

You’ve probably heard about this already. A mob went on a rampage and damaged some shops and cars after a militant leader was killed here on Monday. It also burnt a police motorcycle. I had read about this yesterday morning, but couldn’t be certain how bad it was and if something was still happening.

We were at a customer’s office (the same place I got mugged last week) later on, when a guy came in and said things were being broken nearby so we got out soon to avoid the wrath of the mob. Luckily, the worst was limited to a commercial area (Aabpara market) that fell in our path was sealed off by riot police. Had to drive all the way around the capital to get back and didn’t manage to see anything unusual.

Later on, at night, I had to go to a wedding and passed through “Aabpara”, driving over bits of glass. Saw quite a few broken shop windows as well, but that was pretty much it. Oh yeah, they burnt down “Melody Cinema” which was the only one I know of that played some of the newer flicks.

It may sound bad, but most Pakistanis have gotten used to these things and it wasn’t serious at all compared to riots in the past.

Thanks to Alex for reminding me to post about this. Would have done it this morning if I didn’t have to prepare for the exhibition on Saturday (will try to post about it).