Fedora Core 1 Review

I was going to say something about Fedora, the free “reincarn@tion” of RedHat‘s desktop Linux distribution, but it failed to install properly on my home machine (it failed to configure my GeForce3 Ti300 video card properly, just like Knoppix 3.3). Here is the comprehensive review from OS News:


Doesn’t look good, but then ag@in most of Red Hat’s x.0 releases have had similar problems. Hope to see it improve with the next release.

One thought on “Fedora Core 1 Review

  1. Managed to get it to work on my system. First had to work around NVidia’s installer and force it to load the nvidia module, but X started up fine after that.
    I really like the interface and a gnome-terminal with a semi-transparent background looks awesome. There are certain bugs and the application manager does nothing that it is supposed to do, but I’m sure these things should be ironed out soon.

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