Blast in Rawalpindi

Right after the good news of Saddam’s capture, here’s a bad one and much closer to home for me, which just came in as a breaking news on TV. Apparently, there was a bomb blast near Chaklala in Rawalpindi, a place not too far from my house, right after President Pervaiz Musharraf passed by. I had felt a small shock wave around 19:15 PKT and wondered what it could have been. Guess my fears were not unfounded.

I live right next to the main highway connecting Islamabad to the airport so often have to put up with extra security measures when the president or a visiting dignitary passes by. All traffic is restricted from using the highway and pedestrians are kept far away during the passing. That, and the fact that it has been quite peaceful lately, bring this as a shock.

I haven’t seen any more details yet so will write about it as I get them. Hmm, could it have anything to do with the Indonesian president’s arrival today?