December PLUC Meeting

Last Saturday was Pakistan Linux Users Community (PLUC)’s December meeting for the Islamabad chapter. We had a nice discussion on different Linux distros and the recent progress made by Linux. After that, we tried out some Live CDs which can boot a whole Linux system from the CD without installing anything on the hard drive.

We tested the Linux BBC (Bootable Business Card), LAS, Penguin Sleuth and Gnoppix though Knoppix (version 3.3) seemed the best for desktop use. It detected everything fine and started up KDE and Open Office without complaining, though the performance was expectedly not too great. Some of the other distros complained about not having enough RAM (128MB) while a few had trouble starting X, though they should work fine on more decent hardware.

Many thanks to Kashif for bringing the CDs and doing the demonstrations. Also thanks to Imran, Iftikhar, Junaid and Sufyan for contributing to the discussion. Hope to see more of you in future meetings which I’ll try to announce well ahead of time.

From the things that were agreed upon, we will set aside every 3rd Saturday of the month for meetings. This may change depending on the circumstances, but we’ll try to stick to this schedule. Venue will be my office in City Arcade, I-8 Markaz.

Another thing I’d like to announce to everyone else is the free CD burning service. I have verified ISO images of some of the commonly used Linux distributions which will be updated as newer releases come out. If you’d like a copy, bring in your blank media and we’ll burn it for you. Will post a list at a later time.