Back from Lahore

Just got back this morning after a rather uncomfortable night journey. I had left for Lahore late Tuesday night to bid farewell to my uncle who departed for Oman (for work) yesterday. Wish I had more time to spend in Lahore since there’s so much to do and see there, but that’ll have to wait for now.

The newly opened Allama Iqbal Airport looks awesome and development of the city seems to be moving at a much faster rate than Islamabad or other nearby cities. I might think about moving to Lahore since there’s so much going on. Unlike the Capital, it’s also a bigger market with potentially more demand for hi-tech.

Just wish they would improve the transport system.

5 thoughts on “Back from Lahore

  1. I have been visiting Iranian and Iraqi blogs and just discovered Pakistani blogs today. I understand that there are now flights between Pakistan and India as well as bus service. What is needed to get on either a plane or a bus if someone wants to go from Pakistan to India? Thank you.

  2. I’m not very sure about it, but the difficult part is getting the visa. Once you have that, I guess you can just hop on a bus from Lahore or take a flight from Karachi or which ever airport has flights to India.
    Some time back, the train service from Lahore was the most convenient way of getting there so resuming it might be the next step.

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