The Menace of Cricket

KO puts forward some views about cricket that I share completely:

“The UK gave up on cricket a long time ago, but sadly this so called sport still persists in the Empire’s former colonies. Its a terribly elitist and clubby sport. For the British army officers posted to the middle of just about every forever back during the days of the Empire, cricket served a vital purpose. They could form their little cliques and clubs and spend whole days weeks just passing the time away. It can be argued that there is nothing like a mind numbingly boring and totally pointless activity to while away the times, and cricket fitted the bill so well that someone would have had to invent it during the days of the Empire if it hadn’t already existed.”

Read the whole piece here:

4 thoughts on “The Menace of Cricket

  1. Dang! When I said cricket isn’t a sport when I was growing up, I was called a stupid doofus who didn’t understand the game.

    Its such a waste of a perfectly good day.

  2. Exactly. Try explaining the merits of cricket to someone outside the sub-continent and you’ll see how hard it is.

    I always thought Hockey was Pakistan’s national sport yet I hardly see anyone even remotely interested in that.

  3. How would you go about explaining cricket’s merits? It hardly has any! Try to get someone who plays cricket to explain it’s merits and they’ll be completely stumped.

  4. yes,It becomes difficult to make it understand to the person who does not know cricket at all.

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