Thought Blogging Anyone?

So much to blog about yet so little time. If only I could implement some kind of protocol for communicating from thoughts alone (over an encrypted SSH channel off course) :-).

For short, “Ashura”, the day of mourning, went quite well here though the bomb blasts in Baghdad and the shooting in Quetta were the worst type of things that only served to increase the grief of us mourners.

Another horrible event was the Madrid bombing. Seems like no place is safe these days, sacred or otherwise. And no, I don’t believe invading more countries will improve the situation in any way.

Was in Peshawar most of yesterday. Will try to write about it soon.

Victor has almost completed his picture section of his visit to Pakistan. It includes photos from my wedding, the Eid celebration and other observations he made while here. Check it out (Warning! Includes gruesome photos of animals being sacrificed and a bride and groom trapped under huge flowery headgears):

If only he stopped using frames. I’ll also try to complete my style sheet-based album soon.

That’s all the time I have for now.