Hindi Movie Dialogues

Via VinBlog. Some memorable dialogues from Hindi movies as well as translations of some of the funnier ones (familiarity with Hindi or Urdu will help):

The villain has the heroine tied to an electric chair with a long electric wire leading to a switch. The villain throws the switch and the electricity is now shown flowing towards the heroin. The hero is running towards the heroine racing with electricity to save her, and yes he is catching up. The villain at this point shouts to his chamcha: “Charlie voltage baddhao, electicity jaldee jayegi”.

The last line translates to, “Charlie increase the voltage, it will make the electricity go faster”. ‘chamcha’ is literally spoon, but in this case refers to minion or gromit. I guess translating English movies would be equally hilarious for Urdu/Hindi speakers.

“There is no chamcha”.