Journey to Karachi

Got back Saturday evening from Karachi after a whole week of travelling and meeting people. I first took a bus to Lahore via the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway which went pretty well. Now, they even have a DVD player on board and the timing is pretty good too.

On reaching Lahore, I had to travel all the way across the city to the train station. There I learnt that the train (Karakoram Express) was an hour and a half late and may be further delayed along the way. As soon as it left, I realised my mistake in choosing the non-airconditioned economy class. Despite the air being hotter outside, all the other passengers insisted on keeping the windows open. Soon, the whole carriage was filled with smoke and dust, which didn’t seem to bother anyone except me.

After a few more delays, I reached Karachi 16 hours after leaving Lahore, my hair turned brown and my dark gray t-shirt a sandy color. At that point, I upgraded my return tickets to the air-conditioned class, something that cost me three times as much.