Samsung x600

Finally took the plunge with my first real cell phone in over a year (sorry Nabeel, but the Siemens I bought from you isn’t *that* good 🙂 and the Nokia that got snatched was also a low-feature, budget set).

The Samsung SGH-x600 seems to be a Rs.20,000 (~US$350/JPY 38,000) phone at the price of a much lesser one. It has all the features and I haven’t heard any complaints from other users. The only reason I can see for the actual price being almost half of that is the negative image people have of Korean brands.

I just bought it yesterday evening and haven’t used it much yet, but the interface is much better than that of others I’ve recently used. I generally don’t like phones that are too small since they compromise on key and screen size and just feel flimsy, but now that I have one, it is quite convenient. I still would have preferred a flip model, but those aren’t very common here. This is what the X600 looks like:

I’ve heard excellent things about the VGA (640×480) camera. Doesn’t compare to the megapixel ones you guys in Japan are using, but good enough for blogging and other cool stuff. The one thing I was warned about is that accessories for these types of (relatively) uncommon, but good brands can be pricey. And the PC connecting cable alone costs about 20% of the price of the phone. I’ll have to think about it, or maybe try to get Infrared working on my laptop.

2 thoughts on “Samsung x600

  1. You can get the cable for between 500-600 if you look hard enough, and about 900-1000Rs. if you just walk into the first shop you see in clifton.

  2. Thanks. I’m leaving for Karachi tomorrow so will look for it there. It was around Rs.1800 here in Islamabad and I managed to find one for 1500, but just left the shop when they said I only had until tomorrow to test it. They just didn’t care that I won’t be here to return it.

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