Pakistani Drinks and “Milkup”

It’s surprising how many different drinks there are in Pakistan. Among my favorites are sugar cane juice, lassi and “sattoo” (made from evaporated cane juice and some powder that comes from some part of a wheat grain) and off course the fake cocktails (non-alcoholic) such as coladas and margheritas. Then you have the concentrated, colored syrups made up of everything from almonds to fruits to certain herbs and spices. The variety is probably due to the scarcity of alcohol and the hot weather as well as continual reliance on traditional medicines which these form a large part of. This variety is one of the few things I missed while in Japan.

Here is something home-brewed that I discovered at my aunt’s place last summer and which I now have whenever I can. Maybe this should be on Kristin’s blog together with all her other great recipes, but I thought I’d share here:

Take half a glass of milk and pour in some 7-UP/Sprite to fill the other half. Add ice if you want. Viola. You have a refreshing fizzy milk drink. Good to fight the heat and also keep your stomach in a nice shape. Haven’t tried it with anything weirder such as colas yet, but lassi + 7-Up work pretty well.

2 thoughts on “Pakistani Drinks and “Milkup”

  1. Man, I detest Sattoo. Maybe it’s just me but the darn thing has a tendency to stick to my throat causing a fit of coughs. Doesn’t taste good either. Gimme sugar cane juice or falsay ka sharbat (blackberry juice) any hot day of the week.

    I really miss the fruit drinks here. Fruit in the US is really tasteless compared to that in Pakistan.

    Oh, and Cola+Milk doesn’t taste as good as 7UP+Milk.

  2. You’re right. Cola+Milk is nowhere near as good as 7UP+Milk, but it tastes almost the same as any chocolate milk drink such as Milo.

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