Ufone MMS

After weeks of waiting, I finally managed to have MMS enabled on my Ufone connection. The delay was mostly my fault since I couldn’t make the follow up call after asking for the service many times. Yesterday, I called them up again and managed to get the confirmation that it’s done.

The first thing I’ll do now is try to get moblogging working, though I’ll have to write the plugin from scratch. Simple text messages at first, followed by image handling. And since I’m becoming used to the T9 input method, it should be fun. Maybe I’ll become the first ever moblogger from this country (no, Pakistani bloggers outside Pakistan don’t count).

8 thoughts on “Ufone MMS

  1. moblogging is fun if u take pictures of something interesting. i usually see the same old pictures on these moblogging sites. i mean there is nothing innovative about them. sites such as fotolog.net are really good.

  2. Hi Zaeem,

    Thanks for the comment. Nice site. I’ll link to it.

    Well, I just had two posts yesterday. Been busy and haven’t had much time to think of new material.

    Hope to see you this Friday.


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