(Re)Introducing PyKey

An update on my password generation effort, previously known simply as “Passgen”. Say hello to PyKey. I didn’t give it that much thought, but the name kind of popped up while I was trying out different combinations using ‘py’.

It even has its own home:


I’ve also added a difficulty option which right now just prints out random words or combinations of words from a dictionary at the ‘easy’ level. ‘Medium’ does what passgen did before, i.e. mash dictionary words together and manipulate random characters. ‘Hard’ spits out random characters which are usually very hard to remember.

The medium and hard levels make sure the passwords have at least a digit, upper case letter, lower case letter and a special character so they should be pretty secure. The easy passwords should be crackable in a matter of minutes or hours unless other security methods (such as limited retries) are used.

Here is the demo:


and the source:


Use ‘./pykey.py –help’ for information on how to use it from the command line.

Now bring it on with the “I f#$@^& hate pykey” jokes.

One thought on “(Re)Introducing PyKey

  1. You just came to my mind and then also the domain registration you had asked me. When I went to the site, it was already registered. did you already register it.

    Sorry I just forgot it….in the busy days. My deepest apologies.

    Anyway, I am glad its done and thats what counts.

    Talk to you later


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