Firefox 1.0

Firefox, the lean and mean browser from the Mozilla project, has reached version 1.0. Mozilla’s download site, as well as mirrors, are swamped with traffic and I’m still trying to find a place to download it. The torrents I got had some issues so it may take a while to get a good file. Optimized builds for Windows are available at MOOX though not as cleanly packaged as those from Mozilla.

Coincidentally, another problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer has just been reported. Variants of the MyDoom virus use a known flaw in IE to propagate and another outbreak is starting. More info on CNet, McAfee’s site and CNN Money. An excellent time to switch your browser to Firefox (as well as your mail client to Thunderbird and best of all, your OS to Linux).

One thought on “Firefox 1.0

  1. Firefox 1.0 is awesome… its fast and I def LOVE the tabbed browsing… even though one can get that for a clone of I.E. The only problem I found was trying to play news videos at… i guess thats because the site supports WinMedia player and Moizilla prob cant incorporate that.

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