Underwater Indonesia Quake

The death toll for yesterday’s quake near Indonesia’s Sumatra island, is now hovering around 23,000. Coastal areas as far West as Somalia and Malaysia to the East were affected by the waves it generated. More details here:


They’re expecting smaller aftershocks which may cause tsunamis, already a frightening phenomenon. If these are the result of small quakes, I can’t imagine what the initial wave would have been like.

At first, I thought Pakistan’s coastal area, which touches the Arabian Sea and isn’t far from the Indian Ocean, would also have been affected, but when I called Karachi, they didn’t even know anything about the quake. Looking at the map, I guessed the southern part of the Indian sub-continent took the brunt of the force and stopped anything from reaching here.

One thought on “Underwater Indonesia Quake

  1. The official death toll has passed 100,000. And I’m sure it will be much higher if/when they include that for all the remote areas that nobody has managed to reach yet. It makes me wonder how much worse devastation something really big, like a meteor hit, would cause.

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