State of my blog and referrer Fun

I was just going through my web server logs for and was delighted to see that instead of reducing due to my infrequent blogging, hits to my blog are increasing at roughly 10-15% per month. Average number of hits per day for last month were just over 600.

Checking the referrer logs, I realised that most of the hits coming in through Google search were due mainly to Python and secondly due to people searching for info on Pakistan.

Some interesting Google searches that I found in the referrer logs (sorry, had to leave out the really bizarre/interesting ones for obvious reasons):
advantages of working late in the office after office timings
Cafe Grind Islamabad
Funny Text messages
Passphrase generator
japan pakistan blog
my id of yahoo is hacked what should now i do
python generate easy password
python blog software
rat poison window manager
sublime backyard fighting