iinix – Reloaded

After some time of keeping a relatively low profile, iinix Solutions is ready to make a comeback. I’ve thought things through and the focus will now mainly be on a line of products instead of solely relying on offering Linux/UNIX services. I’ll also be managing it full-time now so wish me luck.

The site has been redone to give it a more corporate look, though it will go through minor changes from time to time. Any feedback appreciated.

Our new products consist mostly of different open source software combined into a single solution and we’ll be developing some parts of it in PHP and Python, most of which will eventually be released under an open source license.

Linux developers/sysadmins welcome to apply.

One thought on “iinix – Reloaded

  1. Good luck on the new direction you guys are taking. Productizing your services definitely has a lot of potential.

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