Earthquake in Karachi/Quetta

Just watching the local news. There is a breaking news about an earthquake, of magnitude 4-5, that just struck Quetta (to the west of Pakistan, near the Iran-Afghan border) and Karachi (to the south, next to the Arabian sea).

The other guys got really worried with this news, but I told them that it isn’t surprising since the whole country is part of the same Indian plate which is unstable right now. Actually, it’s probably a positive thing since it means things are settling down to a more stable position. My words were backed by a geological expect who came on air soon afterwords.

No news of any damage so far and I hope it stays that way. We have had enough of that already.

6 thoughts on “Earthquake in Karachi/Quetta

  1. Bro,
    Is it possible for you to link on the top for a link to all donations sites. It took me a while to locate someone trustworthy to make a donation to.


  2. Good job Tabraiz,
    now if those idiots at the major website of our president would either copy and paste these links or just link to this page would be great.

  3. Hey Asmat,

    I realized that this was a problem as soon as the quake hit. Look at my next post (coming up soon) and it should offer a solution to this problem.

    Da Khuda pa aman.


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