Letters to Indian and Pakistani People

Returning to non-earthquake blogging for a while, here are some interesting posts I found. This is a humorous letter to Pakistani people from Indian bloggers, on vichaar.org:


“We like Pakistani people. And we dont just mean Adnan Sami, Jal or Strings ? we mean regular Pakistani folks. …. We’ve grown up seeing the ‘whole’ of Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India in our textbooks. But then, so have you.”

Here is a reply that KO posted:


“it’s the 21st century and still too many in the subcontinent are struggling with their feelings for their neighbouring countries. How does one dislike an entire nation, especially when both countries were one just a short while ago?”

One thought on “Letters to Indian and Pakistani People

  1. Now that’s an interesting thought which warrants revisit every now and then, just like I’m sure East and West Germans did for decades before the fall of the Berlin War.

    Our issue is not ideological difference anymore. It was in the early part of the 20th century, just like the rest of the world. They have more Muslims in India today then we have in Pakistan. The 21st century issue for our part of the world is health, education and eradication of poverty. All these can only come through ways of creating economical prosperity. Economical Prosperity does not come from how much Pakistan can spend in importing goods and services from the US and Europe, but how much it can export to these countries through goods, services and also human capital.

    Ahmer Azam

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