Medical Supplies and Shrouds for Earthquake Victims

Relief and rescue efforts are carrying on at a tremendous pace here in Islamabad, but the aid has only just started to arrive in the stricken areas. It will take even longer to reach more remote parts. The whole of Islamabad is dotted with collections centers that are working around the clock and trucks filled with clothes, foods and other supplies can be seen leaving all the time.

Despite the efforts, there is a severe shortage of medicines and with the death toll exploding to over 40,000, cloth to bury the dead has run out. Local stocks are exhausted and these will have to be brought in from other cities.

The weather has deteriorated quite a lot too. There was heavy rain and even hail today which will badly hamper the rescue effort. Some of my friends have already reached the devastation and I’m worried about them. With so many dead and injured still unattended, there is a high risk of disease.

I will ask anyone who manages to read this to try to contribute in whatever way they can. Here is a list of the most urgently needed medical supplies (spelling not confirmed):

  • 1.Dexilose Saline 5% 100ml
  • 2.Ringer lactate 1000ml
  • 3.drip sets butterfly
  • 4.tetanus toxoid DIS 5 cc, DIS 10 cc, paragon sticking, LP needles
  • 5.IVJ Cephradine
  • 6.IVJ Flagyl
  • 7.IVJ Adrenaline
  • 8.IVJ Atropine
  • 9.Disposable syringes (5 cc, 20 cc, 50 cc)
  • 10.ETT 7.5
  • 11.Airway 16, 18, 20, 22
  • 12.Surgical Gloves
  • 13.prolene 210
  • 14.AMHU Bags
  • 15.Gauze Pieces
  • 16.Pyodine
  • 17.Silk Structure C-Straight Needles
  • 18.Crape Bandages
  • 19.Dressing Bandages
  • 20.Sterilized Cotton
  • 21.NG Tubes
  • 22.Foley Catheter
  • 23.Urine Bags
  • 24.Chest tubes
  • 25.Xylogaine Gel
  • 26.Underwater Seal
  • 27. Needle holders
  • 28.Foreceps (dental & plain)
  • 29.Scalpels
  • 30.Nelbim Marzine Injection
  • 31.Skin Traction
  • 32.Surgical Blade
  • 33.anti-contamination tablets for water
  • 34.multivitamins