On my way to Muzaffarabad

mobileI’m in a truck which is part of a Red Crescent aid convoy on the way to Muzaffarabad in Kashmir. Were supposed to leave before 3pm, but there were too many delays.

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  1. Sajjad,

    Great job on apprising us of the situation in the north. I’m trying to set up a more coordinated efforts between the different groups of individuals, organizations and the forces involved in the relief effort.

    To this effect ,I’ve uploaded current satellite images of the northern areas. These hightlight the existing roads, relief team locations, amount of aid reaching those areas and individuals seeking information to reach these areas in the shortest span of time.

    I hope this helps in the coordination efforts.


    God Bless,

  2. It is nice to hear from u sajjad (i.e. from Muzafarabad); really nice to know that u people are safely and successfully doing the task that you went there for. The best news that u gave is that Army has finally taken over the task to manage things and are trying to reach far areas for rescue and reform.

    I will try my level best to spread ur message to as many people as I can. i.e. the people who had been blaming Govt. / Army for not doing anything it is a good news for them that Army has taken over the administration in the affected areas and are trying to manage as many resources to help these guys as possible. In addition the foreign teams like the one u (Sajjad) is working with are also doing well. But there is one thing that they need form us all i.e. cooperation.

    I mean am sure every one is more than willing to cooperate in any possible way but in this emotional state of mind it’s difficult to figure out right ways. A lot of people are still sending loaded trucks of stuff that is not required any more while the need is of Tents (that are not available in the whole country, and Allah may be kind to those who have them but are holding them just to have an increased demand to sell them on raised prices).

    It is to request for the donors to concentrate on need and hold from wasting the precious resource. Kindly communicate with the administrative authorities to direct ur funds to right destination. Kindly minimize individual efforts and participate in collective ones (and reliable too). Cash contributions are appreciated because the authorities can weigh the need and then utilize them instead of wastage.

    The medical institutions like PIMS are in need of medical equipment (like surgical plates etc) that no lay man can purchase so we need u all to donate cash to authorities like CDA/NTC (camps inside the premises of PIMS) to help out.

  3. I have a beutiful home in Hawaii that I would love to share w. a mother and child from Pakistan EQ. I will purcharse tkt. I have spoken w. several families here that will do the same. I would also be very interested in adoption. Any suggestions on how to make connection?

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