Yes, I know. I’m a couple of years late to the party, but it’s only now that I have really had a chance to look at and what it can do. Here is my page:

In a way, it does discourage me from blogging about other sites since I can just bookmark the site there with my own description, but it just means I am more likely to blog about my thoughts and ideas instead of regurgitating existing ones. is cool. If you want to bookmark something, just click a button on your browser’s toolbar and enter the description and keywords or “tags” that you think the page belongs to. Clicking ‘save’ will save the bookmark and bring you back to the page you were visiting.

You can also group tags into “bundles”. For example, I have bundles such as “systems” containing the tags linux, networking etc., while another bundle “business” contains tags such as business and productivity.

There are many other features which I’ll let you find out yourself. Definitely worth a look.