Gmail Mobile and RSS

Google has just announced a batch of holiday goodies for Gmail. Among my favorites is Gmail Mobile which lets you use Gmail from your phone, and viewing RSS feeds within Gmail.

I was looking for both features and was going to write something to enable web email from my phone, but now I can just use this. There are a number of RSS-to-email services, but they aren’t very mature and this should be much more flexible.

3 thoughts on “Gmail Mobile and RSS

  1. I have been using a PHP application called gmobile to read my Gmail for several months. Works great nd probably has more features than the official one.

    Stuart – posts from bed in Hawaii

  2. I’m using a Warid connection and haven’t noticed any slowness, but then again Warid is already slow and I probably can’t tell the difference. Will try it with Ufone once I get GPRS enabled on that.

    Stuart, I’m a bit disappointed it took so long for Gmail to go mobile, but judging by Google’s history, there should be improvements coming up. Let’s see.
    Have fun in Hawaii.

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