World Squash Tournament

One of the reasons I got a new phone was so that I could cover the 20th World Men Team Squash Championship being held here in Islamabad. I’m part of the team providing technical support and connectivity at the venue and the Squash Federation’s website is also hosted by us.

Squash may seem like an uninteresting game, but there are teams here from all over the world and it is a pretty big event. A number of celebrities usually show up at these events so it’s a good chance to get some interviews or just to take pics. The courts are special too. This newly-built court is made from special, laser-treated glass which allows the spectators to see right through it, but gives a solid room look to the players. Even the floor is specially made.

Empty Squash Court

The tournament kicked off yesterday (Thursday, 8th December) and will last till the 14th. Let’s hope I can get some good pictures.