2005 in 25 words

It was a turbulent year for me and one where I felt I didn’t achieve much, but there were some very special things that I experienced. Like last year, and the year before that, here is my summary of 2005 in 25 words:

Strengthened existing friendships
Experienced major earthquake
Volunteered to help survivors
Returned to blogging and the web
Improved dealing skills
Transitioned from technical guy to manager

One thought on “2005 in 25 words

  1. Sajjad,

    I visit your blog often, Great effort to keep us all posted. Keep it up..

    Not great for me either, in terms of achievements. We spent this year doing some business development and looking forward for 2006 to give the fruit of 2005’s efforts.

    With regards,
    Khurram Shahzad Jaffery

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