Reasons Why I Still Love Islamabad

A few days back, I posted a list of 250+ reasons why we still love Tokyo. Here’s one I came up with for Islamabad.

  1. The most expensive land money can’t buy
  2. The subzero temperatures in winter
  3. It’s safer than Baghdad
  4. The grid layout of the city. You just can’t get lost
  5. The Margalla hills
  6. All the (disappearing) trees
  7. F-9 park, 4 square-km of grass and trees
  8. Hot Shots (within F-9 park)
  9. The straight, almost perfect roads
  10. It’s safer than Johannesberg
  11. Daman-e-Koh (
  12. The clean air (compared to rest of Pakistan)
  13. Murree is only an hour’s drive away yet around 2000 meters higher
  14. The educated citizens
  15. The decent traffic
  16. Wild animals that can still be seen at night
  17. Rawal Lake/Rawal Dam
  18. It’s safer than Karachi
  19. The 40+ temperatures in summer
  20. The polite police
  21. Road blocks for VIP crossings
  22. All the shop names with “Butt” in them
  23. Pir Sohawa is only a 20 minute drive away yet around 500 meters higher
  24. It’s safer than New York
  25. An hour’s drive to anywhere in the city
  26. Jungle Hut
  27. The growing foreign community
  28. Stores selling foreign goods
  29. Jinnah Super market
  30. Abundance of wild bhang (I’m still not sure if it’s marijuana or hemp. Someone please find out)
  31. Blue Area traffic
  32. Shakar Parian is only a 5 minute drive away yet around 50 meters higher
  33. More foreign food
  34. Less pollution, fresher air
  35. It’s safer than London
  36. If you ever get tired of Islamabad, Rawalpindi is across the road and in another world
  37. Brad and Angelina woz ere
  38. No need to travel to another city to get a visa
  39. Higher chance of bumping into President Mushi (or any prez for that matter)

Feel free to suggest your own.

4 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Still Love Islamabad

  1. Jiel,

    Mostly huge wild pigs/boars (can’t verify what they are), but also other stuff like porcupines, wild dogs and according to some accounts, wolves and some big cats.

    I also saw a dead bat recently which was huge even it’s shriveled up form. All these come out late at night so not very easy to spot.

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