Reasons Why We Still Love Tokyo

Found this page some time back and was meaning to blog about it, but never got a chance. It lists 250+ reasons why we still love Tokyo.

Here are a few of the really good ones. Most that I sorely miss (like heated toilet seats and great friends) and some that I don’t (seaweed pizza anyone?):

  • 12. Automated taxi doors
  • 13. The most valuable coin in use in the world:

4 thoughts on “Reasons Why We Still Love Tokyo

  1. Heated Toilet seats? Sweeet! One of the worst part of a winter day in Chicago is using the washroom in the morning. Now if only they would make a device for instant hot water…

  2. seaweed pizza?ewww..hahaha heat toilet seats cool this should be in canada!.

    p.s:are u from japan?

  3. Hello Maryam and thanks for the comment. Yes, the seats are pretty cool.

    About the pizza, wait till you see the eel one or the other strange and disgusting flavors. I literally walked out of a restaurant once when the pizza I had ordered turned out be made entirely out of onions and mayonaisse. It was awful.

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