What is my country?

Suppose you wake up one day in a strange place and can’t figure out where you are. Get on the net and head on over to WhatisMyCountry.com and it will tell you which country you’re in and suggest some useful links related to it. I’m still working on it so expect some more useful additions in some time. Also feel free to suggest what you think might be useful (your browser? your isp? etc.).

One thought on “What is my country?

  1. Aslam-o-Eliqum
    Dear Sajjad Zaidi ,
    I m from Pakistan and i View you web site that is so amazed me that i have no word to tell you but i have not got your Telephone number to be contact yo by the way you have may also not given the E-mail adress at front page . I m a student of 10 class and have intrest to make web sites make Vedio editings and some programmes which are design on computer is there any work for me to make your work easy or not ? Thank you Very much for ging some time to reading my paragraph
    Your sincerly
    Muhammad BiLAL

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