Fresh tremors and disposal of quake rubble

More tremors of high intensity (around 5.0 or 6.0 magnitude) were reported in Pakistan’s northern areas a couple of days ago though we in Islamabad didn’t seem to feel them. If I’m correct, this whole region has suddenly become seismically more active after the October quake and that was just the beginning.

Though it’s highly unlikely we’ll see quakes on the same scale as the first any time soon, I’m not surprised by these more frequent, smaller tremors. In fact, smaller quakes should mean the pressure isn’t building up which should hold back bigger ones. Let’s hope this is true.

Though work to repair the damage caused by the Oct quake is continuing, only a fraction of the rubble has been cleared and this is becoming a major health hazard, as this BBC article states. Materials used in building houses in this country are already laden with all types of hazardous materials. The uncleared rubble means it is all out in the open. The rivers passing through this area go on to feed larger rivers which are the main water source for most of the country so this could have devastating consequences. Then again, there are already enough pollutants in this country to wreak havoc so this would just be a drop in the ocean.