H5N1 confirmed in Pakistan

Just heard the news that Bird Flu has been confirmed in some areas of Pakistan. Though everyone says that poultry is not being eaten, it’s extremely hard to avoid it here. Wherever you stop to eat, all you’re likely to find is chicken burgers, chicken soup or some other form of chicken. There is so much chicken in the average Pakistani’s diet that I was quite sick of it a long time before the flu scare.

Maybe now we’ll see the demise of it, at least for a while. But that seems quite unlikely. Lots of people think the way we prepare food here kills off anything harmful (and the good stuff, I should add). But a flu is something different. I doubt you can kill it off just by overcooking food or drowning it in masalas (spices). I, as a beef lover, can only hope there’ll be more beef available now.