Pakistan’s blogging portal and aggregator

I registered with Bloggers.Pakistan recently (as some of you may have noticed). Didn’t get a chance to blog about it earlier so here it goes.

“Bloggers.Pakistan is a concept developed by Dr. Awab Alvi and Omer Alvie to address the need for a consolidated website where all Pakistani blogs can be featured.”

An excellent effort and one that shows blogging still has a chance in this country. As of now, there are 591 “Resident Pakistani” blogs registered with the site and 284 “Non-Resident Pakistani” ones. This is quite impressive considering that it only went live quite recently. I already read some of the registered blogs and have found some great new ones.

One recommendation I have is to have an RPC ping system to notify the site of any new posts (similar to those of other blog aggregators). Just something that popped into my mind. Will suggest more when I think up of something.

Keep it up Omer and Dr. Alvi, and good luck.