The Butterfly Effect

It’s not often these days (unfortunately) that I see a movie which really leaves an impact, at least for a few minutes, after the credits have rolled. And I don’t mean just the sound track or some of the special effects. I’m talking about a feeling of great awe or unease, even sickness, much like that after an accident or having won the lottery. It means there was something different about the movie. Something special, either intended or unintented by the makers.

I remember getting that feel after watching Se7en. Fellowship of the Ring was another. And Mememto and Matrix to name a couple more. The Butterfly Effect really had that effect. Enough for me to blog about it. Worth a watch.

One thought on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. I’ve seen this movie too, and it’s nicely acted and done. Though the ending is a bit too sad even for me.

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