Bird flu vaccine and eating chicken

It seems that some Indian scientists have developed a vaccine for the dreaded bird flu. Its about time that there was some news about it since bird flu has been off the radar lately and people seem to have forgotten about how serious the issue could be.

It is especially true for Pakistan where the flu was confirmed a few months ago. Just yesterday, I had three dishes in front of me for lunch and every one of them contained chicken in some form. As much as I dislike chicken, it is everywhere and almost impossible to avoid. If the flu wasn’t enough to drown out the chicken craze in Pakistan, I don’t know what else would.

2 thoughts on “Bird flu vaccine and eating chicken

  1. If my wish were asked, it would be: Birdflu in India, Vaccine in Pakistan. Why on earth are we lagging in technology!

  2. Asad, we lag in technology because we don’t care much for education and research. And the ulema have not yet found a cure for bird flu in the koran. One of these should happen soon.

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