Plans for a new camera

Majed recently bought a very cool new digital camera which reignited my urge to get one for myself. As you may remember, I used to have the excellent Canon “IXY 320” (also known as “Power Shot 230” outside Japan) which got stolen soon after I arrived in Islamabad. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to buy a replacement, but never actually got around to it. I tried to make do with phone cameras (or camera phones if you may), but it was one disappointment after another.

Though the one Majed got is close to a “pro” camera, it is too big to be carried around all the time as well as quite costly with all the accessories. After a lot of reading and thinking, I’ve decided on the Canon PowerShot SD600 since it has a good rating on CNET and is a successor to the 230 I used to have.

One snag I’ve run into is that Canon isn’t very popular in Pakistan for some reason. None of the shops I visited in Blue Area and Jinnah Super carried the brand and concentrated instead on Sony, Olympus and Nikkon. It could be related to the lack of Canon support outlets here, but who knows. Since I’m going to Karachi soon, will try to find it there (along with a new laptop).

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  1. Mr. Sajjad Zaidi, I baught Cannon Camera Power shot A-75, 1& 1/2 year ago, from Bosten USA for my home country PAKISTAN (Karachi)as i was on visit here.After a year the Shutter Butten failed,(which is commen as i read in consumers reviwes).So i need the shutter butten, where it may bee geted from Bosten USA before october,in KARACHI (PAKISTAN)after
    I detached switch(shutter butten)from circuit, as i have sound H.W.knowlidge. Thanking u

  2. My cuzin has the Canon Digital IXUS 750, and its an amazing camera, but dont know where the canon dealer in karachi is? Does anybody know?

  3. Hi guys
    I have a limited budget of Rs 20,000 so which digital camera should I buy.
    I am a teenager and I am fearful of buyin Canon as I have heard that its build quality isnt good

  4. My budget is Rs. 10,000. Kindly suggest me the name and model of the Digital camera that will suites to my budget.

  5. To all those wanting recommendations: I’m not the expert on Digital Camera prices so can’t help you much. The ones I checked were those that would usually fall into the Rs.18,000 to Rs.30,000 price range.

    Sony is a popular choice for those in Pakistan and you should be able to find a decent one for less than that. I saw an ad in the newspaper for a 6-megapixel compact Sony for about Rs.12,000. Anything cheaper would be a huge compromise on quality and reliablitiy.

    Also take into account extras that you might require when deciding the budget. Camera case, extra flash storage etc.

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    Thank you!

  7. i have a camera of canon IXUS 500 which have some problems. it need to be repair and i do not have any repair center in islamabad.

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