In Lahore for an install

Though Lahore is a place relatively close to Islamabad (and a place I like to visit, once in a while), it has been well over a year since I was last here. It so happened that I had to configure a few cool servers in Lahore and got a chance to come down here. Though leaving Islamabad for any other Pakistani city isn’t my idea of a fun trip and Lahore isn’t a place I can stay in for very long, it has a certain panache to it that makes brief visits worthwhile.

I’ve seen most of it before, but I’m still impressed by the grandeur of the buildings, both new and old. The building I’m in, the Aiwan-e-Iqbal, has multiple levels connecting to the surrounding roads. The courtyard in the middle looks like a nice and peaceful place to relax and it is a relatively high-tech place. I picked up at least five wireless access points from where I was sitting.

More later.