Iqbal Day

Today was Iqbal Day, the birthday of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the philosopher, poet and politician who originally put forward the idea of an independent Muslim state that would become Pakistan. I also just realized that he was knighted by the British government (then the British Empire) for some of his works.

This day is a national holiday in Pakistan to commemorate Sir Iqbal, though myself and a number of other people I know are working away. You may say that it has something to do with being a workaholic or that we’ve lost any regard for such occasions, but I see it as a good sign. It wasn’t long ago that a large majority of Pakistanis took every opportunity to avoid work and a single national or religious holiday was accompanied by a number of additional (sick or personal) leaves. Looks like this attitude is changing and at least some are putting in the effort to make this country a better place. The Allama would be proud.