UTube sues YouTube

Though it is someone else’s misery, I couldn’t help smiling when I read about how Utube’s site (Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation) kept crashing from all the extra hits they got when users mistyped youtube.com. Apparently, the former tube is suing the latter tube for causing havoc at its business.

The amusing thing wasn’t just that the site kept crashing. It was that they moved the site four times, yet never bothered to fix it. The main page is full of tables, at least a hundred images and is hosted on IIS. Poor sods. Off course it’ll burn their bandwidth and keep crashing. What they need is a better website.

If I was in their place, I would have looked at the bright side and been happy to receive this much traffic (after fixing the site off course).

One thought on “UTube sues YouTube

  1. If i was utube i would have used the extra hits to my benefit, like you said, I mean there are people out there who’s full time job it is to optimise sites just to get page hits and these guys are crying over the fact that they are actually getting them!

    Nice site btw.



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