A tale of two Faisals

It has been four days since my last post about Faisal Chohan’s mistaken arrest and fourteen days since I posted about the accident caused by Faisal Farooq, which resulted in the death of a baby.

As of now, Faisal Chohan, the CEO of Cogilent Solutions which was mistakenly raided after suspicion that it was providing illegal voice services, is still in jail. Though both the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and the Minister of IT and Telecom, have given instructions for his release, it is quite shocking that he still isn’t free. This is a glaring example of how outdated and inefficient the judicial system is in this country.

I am told that the process of simply “canceling” a case requires about a week’s worth of time as well as a guarantee by someone who owns property within the capital. Though most of my friends live in Islamabad, even I have trouble recalling anyone who is close to Faisal AND fortunate enough to own property in this city of sky-rocketing property prices. The next hearing is on the coming Saturday, yet there is still no guarantee that Faisal will be released.

I have also heard a rumour, though haven’t been able to verify it, that during this ordeal, Faisal’s pregnant wife suffered a miscarriage. More details, as well as some good comments here.

While the above Faisal is still in jail, there is no update on what happened to the second Faisal, heir to the Nirala Sweets chain. All I can find is a mention in this article in the Daily Times from last Monday that his arrest warrants have been issued. Just to recap, Faisal Farooq, while allegedly racing in his Porshe, hit another car that was carrying a 4-month old baby who died soon after. It is alleged that he then went on to threaten the baby’s family to get them to drop the charges against him.

The media seems to have gone quiet about this case and I can’t find any update on it. Has he been arrested or have things been hushed down to protect the untouchables?

Both of the above cases highlight some serious law and order problems in this country. How is it possible that a humble professional like Faisal Chohan, mistakenly arrested and then proved innocent, can still be behind bars while a privileged and wealthy heir like Faisal Farooq roams free? Why is it a crime, with quite severe punishments, to utilize VoIP which is a technology that is as revolutionary as the Internet and has become common in the rest of the world? Is wealth and power all that is required to get away with murder? When will this system change?

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  1. http://www.pkblogs.com/wheelofjustice
    To all those who are involved in this shameful act
    Well gentleman, Shame /regrets all are yours I am sure. So you want us to come to Pakistan to invest. To fill your coffers I guess. You people are the worst of the lot. Whats wrong with voip , Are you afraid of the competition . Or you simply want the people of Pakistan to pay you till you cant have it any more .
    You’re a horrible lot and you call yourself Muslims and Pakistani .

  2. I just found out about this incident a couple of hours ago as I am not based in pakistan.

    I will not indulge and comment on what all of you have said. All I can say is that I have known Faisal Farooq since 1993. We went to the same college together, did our Masters together and then I was professionally involved with him in his business ventures and have spent a lot of time together. I will not get into the details as people take this as a biased approach. I know Faisal inside out. We may have professional differences that have distanced us but I know the kind of person he is he would not & could not have been involved in all this intentionally. It all seems like a horrendous accident where the unfortunate child, family & Faisal were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Faisal that I know very closely is not a kind of person who would hurt someone intentionally.

    Let’s be true to ourselves and pray that God gives the patience and peace to the infant’s family and May God also give Faisal the courage and patience to survive this torrid and testing time.

    God Bless you all!

  3. Dear Kashef,

    Thank you for your post. I have to agree that one cannot judge a person just by looking at the popular opinion or what the media pushes to us. But there are some facts that cannot be ignored.

    A person with both money and power may act responsibly under normal circumstances, but the real test comes under pressure. There are few people who are able to maintain control and refrain from abusing their power to get away with something like this.

    I have seen no update on the case and hope that by now the facts are clear and justice has prevailed.

    Got bless us all.

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