Cogilent Solutions acquitted

The illegal voice termination case against Cogilent Solutions has been dropped after it was found out that the PTA/FIA had raided the wrong office. In an incredible show of incompetence and carelessness, the IP address that was in use by the actual perpetrators was mistakenly associated with Cogilent. This simple mistake resulted in the arrest and detainment of an innocent person, confiscation of Cogilent’s property and extremely bad publicity for the authorities.

The news finally made it to the mainstream media and today’s papers ran the story, though playing down the role of the authorities in this fiasco. While we were up in arms about this issue, it is very likely that the actual “terminators” wound up their operations and disappeared without a trace and with their truckloads of illicit earnings. Another example of the innocent being made to pay for the crimes of the rich in this country.

Faisal, CEO of Cogilent Solutions, is due to be released on bail today, yet we can still only hope that there aren’t any additional glitches. Nonetheless, nothing can bring back the 11 days that Faisal spent under custody, or the damage this might have done to Cogilent’s reputation. I doubt anybody has enough power to sue the Pakistani authorities in such circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Cogilent Solutions acquitted

  1. Dear Sajjad, You mentioned 100% correct that they all people known to me very well they are my friends and also class fellows, nobody is there in our country who can take back these 11 days.

    THANKS GOD, now everything will be settle down soon.
    Asim Raza

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